"My grandparents lost their home, my aunt lost their home, my cousins lost their homes and most of my friends." - Inspire Student

"My house and my other families houses burned - we  lost everything."  - Inspire Student

Due to the devastating Camp Fire, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences, a public charter school in Chico, CA  with a focus on visual and performing arts, sciences and engineering, is home to 100 students (almost 25% of their student body!) and 2 staff who have lost their homes. Additionally, over 60 Inspire families are hosting other displaced families. Before the fire, the Inspire Foundation was planning on putting on the Neverland Ball to raise money to pay for the student's college-prep exams (SATs, PSATs, AP Exams, etc.) and college scholarships. However, due to the fire, our local businesses who usually donate to the event have depleted their resources, so we need to ask the entire country and world for help. 

"We lost our house, rental and business." - Inspire Student

"My house is completely burned and my family is separated." - Inspire Student

We welcome donations of any size to meet our goal of $50,000. You can give to the school fund in increments of $250, $500 and $1000 or you can sponsor a teacher to attend the event for $50. All donations are helpful and we will list every donor in our program at the event and on all our social media outlets. We will also send you a receipt with our 501C3 tax ID number. 

"Our house burned down and my truck. " - Inspire Student

For larger donations or questions, please contact Celeste Cramer, Event Coordinator, 

at celeste@celestecramer.com or (530) 570-5524. 

"We are now homeless." - Inspire Student



"On November 7th, the night before the devastating Camp Fire, my son and his band were chosen to perform in the Fall Music Concert. The professional video of this event is gone due to the videographer's house burning down along with 14,000 other Butte County homes. Thankfully I have this so you can see how much Inspire School of Arts & Sciences has given my son the confidence to perform in a concert hall full of people. I am so grateful for this school!"  - Celeste, proud mom of the drummer


On November 8th, 2018, the Inspire School of Arts & Sciences was scheduled to have their Fall Dance Performance. Unfortunately, the Camp Fire started that day resulting in 100 students losing their homes. The performance was cancelled and will not be rescheduled due to too many students affected by the fire - including about half the dance class. However, one of the staff filmed their practice.